Monday, 7 June 2010

What makes you special?

A summary of the family afternoon at the Christadelphian Hall, Blackpool Street, Burton-upon-Trent on Sunday 6th June 2010.

This blog uses Bible references. If you don’t have a Bible, you can find the Bible text online.

There are 6,540,283,000 people on the planet.

There are 60,000,000 people in the UK.

There are 64,449 people (or thereabouts) in Burton.

There’s one of you.

How are you special?

The children were each given a satsuma from a bag. They were given a few moments to study their satsuma, then they returned them. Then they were invited to pick out their own satsuma – and they did! We might think satsumas are all the same, but they each have subtle identifying characteristics.

God knows all his children and can tell them apart, just like we can identify a satsuma in a bag!

God made all the stars and calls them all by name (Isaiah 40:26). Latest estimates are that there are 70 sextillion stars. (What does that mean? If you could count every grain of sand on every beach and desert on the planet, and multiply the number by 10 – that would give you 70 sextillion!)

“My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my
unformed body” (Psalm 139:15). God knows everything about each one of us.

We each have between 90,000 and 140,000 hairs (blondes have the most). And we lose between 50 to 100 hairs every day. Jesus said, “Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered” (Luke 12:7).

God feeds the birds and clothes the flowers (Matthew 6:26-30) – how much more does he care for us!

Never forget how special you are!

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